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Talkin’ World War III Blues

“One time ago a crazy dream came to me. I dreamt I was walkin' into World War Three. I went to the doctor the very next day to see what kinda words he could say. He said it was a bad dream….”

Bob Dylan

Here’s Why You Need Our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures Today

Feeling extra anxious? Full-on freak out or just overwhelmed by a terrifying sense of doom?

Yesterday, before my first sip of coffee, the dizzying stream of terrifying headlines and hysterical messages from my nearest and dearest had me literally apoplectic! Some exclaimed we were at war with Iran. Many agonized over the millions of animals burned alive in Australia’s wildfires. While others lamented the collapse of the World Financial Markets. Even my dog was anxiously chasing his own tail!

If you have simply turned on a TV, connected to social media or talked around a water cooler, regardless of your socio-political beliefs, then you are likely feeling more anxious than usual. As we go about our already demanding daily lives, we are constantly bombarded with a terrifying array of negative imagery and fear inducing headlines. As parents, adult children, friends, spouses and siblings, we try to diffuse our loved ones’ agitation with logic and quietude. We normalize. We validate. We model calm in the face of chaos and hysteria.

Taking deep breaths to cope with the madness of the morning, I politely excused myself from our already crowded breakfast table. I simply took three drops of our 1000 mg CBD Full Spectrum Tincture and waited to take back control of my body, center my mind and lift my spirits.

CBD is believed to interact with the CB1 & 2 receptors found in our peripheral and central nervous systems. Through this interaction, CBD is believed (although not proven by FDA-approved research) to improve serotonin signaling, which may increase our serotonin levels. Increased levels of serotonin reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Think a natural form of Prozac or Zoloft without most of the negative pharmaceutical side effects.

Our CBD Oil Tinctures only contain two ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Oil & MCT Oil. Nothing more. Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made from the entire hemp plant. Being Full Spectrum (as opposed to broad spectrum or isolate), it is supercharged as ALL of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant (not just CBD) synergistically interact. MCT Oil is a highly concentrated source of medium-chain triglycerides. They are lipids found in coconut oil and palm oil that help with intestinal absorption. MCT Oil increases the body's absorption of CBD in the blood stream by a factor of at least 3-4x when ingested or absorbed sublingually (under the tongue). That’s it. No additives. No harsh chemicals.

As for me, 15 minutes after taking my morning tincture I was ready to face the madness. My physical symptoms of anxiety had completely disappeared, my mind settled as my mood brightened and my spirits were lifted. Yesterday, with a little help from CBD, I chose to be happy. So, panic attack resolved, I put away my phone, turned off the news, turned up the music and sang along as Bob Dylan continued to describe his nightmare: “... Well, now time passed and now it seems everybody’s having them dreams. Everybody sees themselves walking around with no one else…”

Did you have an anxiety-free day? Were you able to choose to be happy? Post your thoughts by tomorrow night and we will send you a special discount code on your next purchase.

Always be well!


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